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Together we can make a difference.

We are global leaders in scalp cooling, on an ambitious and exciting journey to change the face of cancer.

We have been pioneering scalp cooling technology worldwide for over 20 years. Having carried out extensive trials and product development, we have created a cold cap system that is clinically proven, cost-effective and widely embraced by doctors, nurses and patients alike. We are committed to improving the efficacy of scalp cooling for all patients across the world; find out more in our research section.

We are a global business with family roots, bound by a set of three core values that shape the way we do things:


When Sue Paxman lost her hair whilst receiving chemotherapy for breast cancer, her family shared her distress. Sue’s husband, Glenn Paxman founded Paxman on the back of this experience and to this day we remain a close family business. Knowing first-hand the effects that both cancer and its treatment can have on patients, friends and families, our business is much more than just a job. We aim to make a difference to people’s lives by raising awareness about scalp cooling and establishing the cold cap as common practice for all patients undergoing treatment.


As the leading global manufacturer and supplier of scalp cooling equipment, we work in partnership with medical professionals, research centres, cancer support groups, charities and patients to continually improve our cold cap technology and expert knowledge base. Investing in scientific testing and development has allowed us to attain outstanding technical precision and the highest levels of clinical efficacy from our cold cap. We strive to gain further knowledge and understanding of hair loss prevention for cancer patients receiving chemotherapy.


We are committed to giving patients a degree of control during chemotherapy treatment. We have made it our responsibility to offer advice, support and access to scalp cooling and the cold cap for cancer patients no matter where they are based in the world. Having been through the same journey as many patients and their families, we are dedicated to empowering people by giving them the choice to keep their hair.

Our business is much more than just a job.

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