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For successful hair-loss prevention, the scalp needs to be maintained at a constant temperature. This is achieved by the correct fitting of the cap.

Switch on the machine and allow it to reach operating temperature. This takes up to 30 minutes and indicates when the system is ready to use on the touch-screen display. Scan the pay-for-use token on the tail of the cap so the session number can be recorded.

Prior to placing the cap on her head, some water and conditioner will need to be put on the patient’s hair (shown in our patient tutorial videos on coldcap.com). The patient will bring her personal cap and, after the initial use, she should be able to place it on her head. The nurse can then help put the neoprene cover over the cap. Alternatively, the cap can be placed in the cover and then fit to the head. Ensure the headband is in place, too. Connect the cap to the system.

Pre-cooling of the scalp takes 30 minutes prior to commencement of drug infusion. This ensures the scalp is at the required temperature before chemotherapy is administered. Premedication and patient preparations can take place during the pre-cooling period.

The cap should be worn throughout the administration of the chemotherapy drugs and for up to 90 minutes after.

The system requires minimal nursing supervision so that it works well for both patients and healthcare professionals.

Stage 1

The pre-cooling stage before your chemotherapy.

} 30 mins

  • For pathinents with thicker hair, patient needs to wear the cap 15 minutes longer during Stage 1.
  • For pathinents with thicker hair, patient needs to wear the cap 15 minutes longer during Stage 1.

Stage 2

The infusion cooling stage during chemo.


  • Varies depending on chemotherapy duration.

Stage 3

The post infusion cooling stage.

} 90 mins

  • Most post regiment is 90 minutes.
  • Your nurses inform you if this varies per your treatment.

Then the cooling cap is removed 5-10 minutes after stage 3.

For the post infusion cooling period you may be moved away to a differend are fot the 90 minutes.

Patient Flexibility

Due to the lightweight nature of the caps, patients can relax during the cooling process, engage in a number of activities, and visit the bathroom without affecting their treatment.

Nursing Flexibility

The system is simple to operate with easy-to-read displays. It is compact and maneuverable; therefore, post-infusion cooling does not need to be carried out in the infusion chair.

Termination of Cooling

A nurse should assist with cap removal initially, but the patient should then become comfortable removing her personal cap. After removal, the patient should remain seated for approximately 5 minutes so that her head temperature adjusts to room temperature. The system can be left on for continuation of a second patient or while awaiting a new patient, or it can be simply switched off.

Post-Infusion Cooling Solution

Since infusion-chair time is often limited, Paxman will work with your center to supply additional equipment, which can be used in another area in your center. Once chemotherapy has been completed, patients can be disconnected from the Paxman Scalp Cooling machine and moved, making the infusion chair available to others.

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